Stock Management

In SME Hishab Software you will be able to see a complete overview of all the stocked products that you have along with the item code, buying / selling price, no. of stocks left, and more. 

The built-in “Import” option will help you to import your items to the system and then you select items from the system for creating purchase invoice. You can save a lot of time and effort so you don’t waste them on repetitive tasks.

Real Time Stock management of the software will give you a correct and current record of the items available in your stock. 

The system will not allow you to make any sales invoice for those items that are out of stock and will notify you. So, you can have a clear idea of which products you need to purchase or re-stock. The stock will increase or decrease accordingly for sales/purchase return. The stock summary report will show you an item wise stock summary of all the items that you have created. 

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