Company Settings

To start with SME Hishab software, the very first job you need to do is to complete your company settings. You can do your company settings in very conveniently here by adding your your company logo, phone number, email address, company address and other details. Just provide the details and click on the update button. Your company details will be automatically updated.

Click on the “Company Settings” under “Settings” tab. #

Provide the required information and then click on the “Update” button. #


  1. Please provide the starting balance for cash, bank and mobile wallet as per your real balances, system will start counting based on this numbers. This primary balances will be counted as your primary investment/equity. You can keep these blanks and update later. You can also edit it anytime later.
  2. Provide the “BIN-Business Identification Number” number of your company if you have it available.
  3. The address that you will provide in the company settings will be shown in your invoice. So, please provide the business address that you want to add in your invoice.

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