Real-time Payment & Collection

One of the best features of SME Hishab is that whenever you make a payment or collect a payment then it will be automatically updated and the results will be shown instantly as an increase/decrease in your wallet (cash/bank) balance as shown in the books. The due amount will be deducted from the total due of the customer/supplier.

You can also collect partial payment if required and for this you need to collect the payment or make the payment when the invoice status is “processing”. For partial payment/collection, the rest of the due will be shown on the customer/supplier ledger. The increase or decrease in the Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable will also be updated instantly. 

Record Payment for An Expense #

You can make payment while recording any expense for your business or you can also make payment for a due expense anytime you want. While making payment you must have balance in your selected wallet (Cash/bank).

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