BIN /Vat Registration Support

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Business Identification Number (BIN)

To operate any business in Bangladesh it is required to have a unique BIN number. To get a BIN number a business is required to get a VAT registration certificate. Under this “VAT registration support” service we:

  1. Help you to prepare the documents needed for VAT registration
  2. Apply online for registration after creating an account for your business
  3. Follow up with VAT office to get the registration done and collect certificate for you


We will email you the list of documents needed for VAT registration after you checkout for the service. Service delivery time: 5 to 7 days after getting the full list of documents from you.



Business Identification Number (BIN) is the business identification number taken by an individual on the basis of turnover of his economic activities. If anyone wants to do or operate any business in Bangladesh, he, she or any entity must receive the Electronic Business Identification Number (e-BIN) from National Board of Revenue (NBR) according to the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Act, 2012 and the Value Added Tax and Supplementary Duty Ordinance, 2016. It is also called VAT registration certificate. VAT registration and Business Identification Number is a must to continue normal business operation including manufacturer, service rendering, withholding entities, participation in tender, banking activities and export and import.

Why do you need a BIN Number? 

  • It’s mandatory by the Government
  • To open a bank account for your business
  • To get a bKash/ Nagad merchant account for your business
  • To get an online payment gateway for your business

Required Documents List for VAT Registration / Opening e-BIN

  1. Active/Authentic Phone Number (OTP will be sent to this number)
  2. Authentic e-mail Address
  3. Company Address:
    a. As per Trade License
    b. Operational
  4. Number of employees
  5. Turnover Information:
    a) Company last year transaction
    b) Next One-year approximate transaction
  6. Major Area of Economic Activity
  7. If Manufacturer:
    a. Input-Output Information
    b. Layout Plan equipment
    c. List of Machinery & equipment
  8. Import Registration License (If Necessary) (Import item list with HS (Harmonic System) Code)
  9. Export registration License (If Necessary)
  10. ট্রেড লাইসেন্স
  11. All Bank Statement (Last One year)
  12. Company E-TIN
  13. All Directors NID/Passport
  14. MOA, AOA & Incorporation Certificate
  15. Authorized persons Details (Who will maintain the online e-BIN services):
    a. NID
    b. Cell Number
    c. E-mail
    d. Designation
  16. Any Other Documents if Necessary.


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